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Is There A Hidden Secret to Leonardo Da Vinci's Virgin of the Rocks?

IS THERE A HIDDEN SECRET TO LEONARDO DA VINCI’S VIRGIN OF THE ROCKS? There are two paintings of ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’, attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci. One is housed at the Louvre in Paris. And the other is housed at the National Gallery in London. Both have subtle differences, but the Paris one is believed to be older. Something I have wondered, were there two to hide within each a secret, possibly only decipherable,  when both are placed facing each other,  like two mirrors looking into each other? Or is there a hidden message, when both are compared,  as if covering one eye and then the other, and in the mind’s eye, splitting the paintings, and then putting them together? Sometimes we see things in things which aren’t really there, especially as humans, we perceive patterns which are not really there, so maybe this has been over thought, or is there something to it, and do the symbols I have included as a secret nod, actually tell us wh