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The Crewe Arms: Inspiration for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts?

The Crewe Arms: Inspiration for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts?
Charles E S Fairey & Michael C Oakes
May 2020

At the Crewe Arms Hotel, opposite Crewe Railway Station, in the South Cheshire town of Crewe, in the UK, exists a Coat of Arms of the Crewe Family, upon a marble fireplace, in the main Entrance Hall to the Hotel.
The reason this Coat of Arms is interesting to all Harry Potter fans, is the distinct possibility that it was used as inspiration for the Harry Potter novels, especially for the Houses of Hogwarts School!

The Coat of Arms on the Marble Fireplace  to the Entrance of the Crewe Arms Hotel
The Coat of Arms itself is a quartered shield, and is surmounted by a closed vizored helm[et] of steel, sideways, which indicated that the coat of arms was for an esquire or gentleman.
The quartered Shield is made up of:-
Top Left: A Lion Rampant This coat of arms represents the basic arms of the Crewe Family, namely ‘Azure a lion rampant Argent’. That is ‘an erect silver lion, upon a blue backgr…

The El Greco Hand Sign: The Cult of The Virgin?

The “El Greco” Hand Sign: The Cult of The Virgin?

by Charles E S FaireyApril 2020

Whilst watching the BBC Four Programme The Art Mysteries with Waldemar Januszczak: Series 1: 1: Van Gogh's Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear’, on the evening of 17th March 2020, where the presenter Waldemar Januszczak, powerfully revealed that Van Gogh, who we all know was mentally ill, also had a ‘Christ Complex’, and identified himself with Christ, and how his works and his life, reflected that ambition, and even included paintings depicting him, whether in plain sight, or in hidden symbolism, as Christ.
He also told us how Vincent, as we know had had a very religious upbringing, as his father was a Minister, and Vincent had trained in that profession too, as a pastor, and had tried to become a missionary, and had a deep and rich knowledge of the Bible, and had ritualistically followed parts of Christ’s life, helping and living amongst the poor, consorting with prostitutes, who the Church Fathers had …